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: 1994-04-16 business 9404160734_1_cade-gatorade-innovation-workshop Gatorade Inventor: My Success Based On Sweat And Luck ," ''Orlando Sentinel'' (April 16, 1994). Retrieved February 16, 2010. Other sweeteners were substituted in 1970, when the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned cyclamate as a potential carcinogen. to the original formula of water, salt, sodium citrate (Trisodium citrate), fructose and monopotassium phosphate


an international success based on her extreme vocal range, which was said to be "well over four octaves" Ellen Highstein: 'Yma Sumac (Chavarri, Emperatriz)' Grove Music Online, ed. L. Macy. (Accessed August 8, 2006) and was sometimes claimed to span even five octaves at her peak. Clarke Fountain, "Yma Sumac: Hollywood's Inca Princess (review). Allmovie, reproduced in ''The New York Times''. 1992.

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