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of Afanasiy Abramov''' (54 Kommuny St.) expands upon this decorative concept, sporting elaborate carving all over the façade. The few examples of Soviet architecture worthy of note are the gloomy pale-green buildings on Revolyutsii Square, as well as the Neoclassical-style '''cultural center of the Machine Factory''' (1 Malysheva St.) Five-story residential buildings from the 1960s are "decorated" with light-brown paste (presumably for the sake of heating) and look even more repellent than they otherwise would. * '''Lebyazhka Mountain''' is a pretty hillock in a suburb northeast of Nevyansk. It is likely the best place for those who seek a panoramic view of the town and distant mountains. To reach the top, follow Shevchenko Street towards Rezh and bear left at the point where the main road veers right (Gorodskaya Street). With sufficient driving skill, the top is also accessible by car. Do * wikipedia:Nevyansk Commons:Category:Nevyansk

Buenos Aires

Tango and historical spots in the city, the streets of Boedo offer to native and tourist public a huge variety of cafes in the best “porteño” style, cultural centers, Tango houses, libraries, theaters, nice pubs, and restaurants. Places that please people from all ages and tastes. region9name Caballito (Buenos Aires Caballito) region9color #d09440 region9items region9description An average, middle-class neighborhood, the barrio has both plentiful amenities, spacious parks

United States

in the magazine’s history to that time. Other frequent contributors during the last 1940s included John Cheever, John Steinbeck, Jean Stafford, and Eudora Welty. J. D. Salinger's ''Nine Stories'' (1953) experimented with point of view and voice, while Flannery O’Connor's story ''A Good Man is Hard to Find'' (1955) reinvigorated the Southern Gothic style. Cultural and social identity played a considerable role in much of the short fiction of the 1960s. Philip Roth

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