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Paso Robles, California

Lewis Middle School (6–8) *Saint Rose of Lima School (Pres.–8) *Trinity Lutheran School (Pres.–8) High schools *Paso Robles High School *Liberty Continuation High School (Continuation high school) *PR Independent Study High School Colleges and adult education *Cuesta College *Paso Robles Adult School *PR Culinary Arts Academy *University of Phoenix Satellite Office Sports and recreation Paso Robles offers its residents and visitors cycling, golfing, tennis

Madison, Wisconsin

, and an additional $600,000 was granted to study future alignments to the Twin Cities.


family, and had converted to Catholicism. Zeyer learned the Czech language from his nanny. He was expected to take over the family's factory but instead decided to learn carpentering. Attempts to study high school and university were unsuccessful. During his life he frequently traveled in Europe and the Orient. After 1877 he moved to Vodňany, where he spent over a decade with literary work. Afterwards, he returned to Prague. He died in Prague. Kaván studied gymnasium in Hradec Králové, which he finished in 1888. During 1889 to 1896 he studied painting at the academy in Prague under the guidance of Julius Mařák. He was a member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. He spent the end of his life in the area of Krkonoše, his birthplace. Kaván was a very humble and likeable person who had given away most of his paintings. thumb 125px Portrait of a Lady with a Bonnet (1785) (Image:Portrait of a Lady with a Bonnet (1785) by Jan Jahn.jpg) '''Jan Jakub Quirin Jahn''' (June 4, 1739 - August 18, 1802, both in Prague) was a Czech (Czechs) painter and art historian. Plot FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Special Agent Victoria McPherson is investigating a series of brutal murders in 2004 Chicago (Chicago, Illinois). While visiting her father for Christmas she discovers an old notebook that belonged to her grandfather, private investigator Gustav McPherson. Victoria is surprised to learn that Gus had been involved with investigating a very similar series of murders in 1920s Prague. The player alternates between these two characters as they work to hunt down what seems to be the same serial killer more than 70 years apart. birth_date Dmoz:Regional Europe Czech Republic Regions Prague Commons:Category:Prague Wikipedia:Prague

Soviet Union

. Retrieved 2010-03-24. right (Image:Protonstation.jpg) The '''Proton''' was a model of Soviet (Soviet Union) scientific artificial satellites. The maximum mass was about 17 tonnes (metric tonne). Four "Protons" were launched between 1965 and 1968. The satellite was developed by NPO Mashinostroyenia. The aim of the project was to study high and ultra-high energy particle (Subatomic particle)s. '''Vladimir Nikolayevich Chelomey''' (

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