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normale'' in Gorée. As a punishment, the governor appointed him to Ouagadougou with the role he later described as that of "an essentially precarious and revocable temporary writer". From 1922 to 1932, he filled several posts in the colonial administration in Upper Volta (French Upper Volta), now Burkina Faso and from 1932 to 1942 in Bamako. In 1933, he took a six month leave to visit Tierno Bokar, his spiritual leader.(see also:Sufi studies) Biography Assane


of Manchester . Here, Horne met Bruce Mackinnon in the first few weeks of term; they realised that they shared a similar sense of humour, but did not write material together until the third year of their studies. Biography Stebbings was born in Nottingham and studied drama at Bristol University. Short biography of Stebbings British Council, official website. Retrieved December 24, 2010 He trained in the Grotowski (Jerzy Grotowski) method with Triple Action Theatre in Britain (UK) and Poland. It organised a demonstration of 20,000 people in October 1967 that for the first time ignored police warnings not to enter Grosvenor Square, where the United States Embassy in London is located. In March and October 1968 two major demonstrations in London, sponsored by the VSC, drew more than 100,000 participants. Serious police violence was captured by press and television cameras during the March protest. The October demonstration was carefully planned to avoid any opportunity for a repeat performance, resulting in a peaceful march of 200,000 people across London. According to its newsletter, VSC branches were active in many British cities -- Glasgow, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Swansea. Even small towns, including Falkirk and Northold Park, counted VSC members. The trains departing Central serve the urban-rural fringe of Warrington and Manchester, serving Birchwood, Padgate, Irlam etc. before heading into Manchester. To the west, trains serve Sankey-for-Penketh (Sankey railway station) before heading into Merseyside and Liverpool. Beyond Manchester, the hourly TransPennine Express Trains serve Yorkshire before terminating at Scarborough (Scarborough, North Yorkshire), while the hourly East Midlands Trains serve Manchester and then head to Nottingham and East Anglia. On 13 August 2008, the band announced via their forum that they had "decided to take a break from doing ¡Forward, Russia!", and that the band wouldn't be playing or recording "for the foreseeable future". The reasons behind the split are seemingly due to a lack of interest from members of the band in touring or recording new material, teamed with drummer Katie moving to Nottingham for art college and lead singer Tom doing work on other projects, namely producing fast rising Leicester band Minnaars. They played their final show at the Brainwash festival at the Brudenell Social Club on 17 October 2008. In February 2009 it was announced that Whiskas was joining Duels (Duels (band)) as a full time member. http: 2009 02 now-we-are-five * is there anything I can do to make it acceptable? whats a transwiki? Sorry, the above defence was me, I forgot to log in.Dunderscoredawson (User:Dunderscoredawson) 13:50, 28 February 2006 (UTC) **Thanks for asking! (what follows is just me talking but I think it represents widely held views) First, a transwiki just means to move it to another wiki. Uncyclopedia perhaps, or Wikibooks might be places for it (check their guidelines first, of course). Review notability (WP:N) and verifiability (WP:V) guidelines and if this game truly meets the notability test, provide the cites from outside sources that reference the existance of the game. Interviews in national papers of the players, cites in scholarly journals of the cultural significance of this particular variant, or similar things would establish notability quickly. But if the game is truly just something you and your mates dremt up one day, it's probably not suitable for Wikipedia main article space(no offense!) Move it (or ask that it be moved) to your userspace instead. See WP:NOT. We'd LOVE contributions from you if they're on notable topics... the University of Nottingham itself, or the city of Nottingham certainly have lots of topics you could expand and about. Hope that helps! + (User:Lar Esperanza) +Lar (User:Lar): t (User_talk:Lar) c (Special:Contributions Lar) 14:22, 28 February 2006 (UTC) '''Delete''', WP:NFT - ikkyu2 (User:Ikkyu2) ( talk (User_talk:Ikkyu2) ) 16:41, 28 February 2006 (UTC) Transport The nearest motorway is the M1 (M1 motorway) - junction 15 is approximately 13 miles away. The nearest railway station is at Wellingborough (Wellingborough railway station), approximately 2 miles from the village. Places served by direct East Midlands Trains trains include London, Luton, Bedford, Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield. Irchester (Irchester railway station) itself once had a railway station located to the east of the village the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) and some locals have argued that it should be reopened. Bedfordshire Railway and Transport Association: North of Bedford. Retrieved 3 May 2009 (see Rushden Parkway (Rushden Parkway railway station)) Generally, there are two trains per hour eastbound to Norwich, while westbound there is an hourly service to Cambridge (Greater Anglia) and an hourly service to Liverpool via Peterborough and Nottingham (East Midlands Trains). Doherty was the first secretary, and the Association quickly enrolled approximately 150 unions. These consisted mostly of textile related unions, but also included mechanics, blacksmiths, and various others. Within the first nine months, Webb estimates that membership was between 10,000 and 20,000 individuals spread across the five counties of Lancashire, Cheshire, Derby, Nottingham, and Leicester. Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Nottinghamshire Nottingham Commons:Category:Nottingham


– Capablanca's first defeat in eight years, the only one to Réti, and the first since becoming World Champion (World Chess Championship). Réti was also a notable composer of endgame studies. Biography Réti came to Vienna to study mathematics at Vienna University. "Memoir of Reti," in Reti's Best Games of Chess, annotated by H. Golombek (Dover 1974). One of the top players in the world during the 1910s and 1920s, he began his career


' and 'Neveh' institutes) are situated in the Givat Mordechai neighbourhood of Jerusalem. Other branches are located in the Givat Shaul neighbourhood of Jerusalem and Ramat Gan. JCT offers bachelor's degrees in several fields of study combined with intensive Jewish studies (Torah study). Biography Oudeh lived in Jerusalem until the 1967 Six-Day War, when he was displaced as Israel captured the eastern portion of the city; he resettled in Jordan, where he joined

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