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and look extraordinarily vivid. Special Products *Dish Gardens *Embroideries *Flowers *Hiemal Juicy Peaches *Mihe Melons *Tobacco Timeline *412: The Chinese Buddhist (Buddhism) pilgrim Faxian landed on the south of Shandong peninsula at Laoshan, and proceeded to Qingzhou to translate and edit the scriptures he had collected in India. *1986: The name "Qingzhou" is recovered from "Yi Du". *1996: The discovery of over 200 buried Buddhism Buddhist


recent development into a city characterized by the light industry, silk industry (every late May, Dandong is the venue for the Oriental Silk Festival), and also Xiu Jade is famous for sea products and special products, such as Ginseng, hawthorn and chestnut. The quiet riverside city is most famous for the pockmarked Yalu River Bridge spanning distressingly over the river. The bridge survived the bombing during the Korean War, a time when the city still had its old name Andong. Now it is open to the public to commemorate "the defeat of the American Aggression" and is the first choice for a glimpse of North Korea. Get in By plane Dandong Airport ( WikiPedia:Dandong Dmoz:Regional Asia China Liaoning Dandong


Library, which among other documents contains a 100-volume collection of old sayings and proverbs, dating from the 7th to 11th centuries. Zhenjiang is home to the Silkworm Raising Research Institute of the Academy of Agricultural Science of China. A local specialty is a steamed meat pastry called Crab Cream Bun. Other famous special products include fragrant black vinegar (Chinkiang vinegar) ( ), and pickles. Because of its strategic location


, Goldstein was arrested while trying to enter Romania from Rousse, and sentenced to life imprisonment. He died of pneumonia in 1924 in Doftana prison. '''Armimex''' was a state–owned Bulgarian company with a full license for export, import and re–export of all types of weapons, ammunition and special products for the army and the police.

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