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Toledo, Ohio

for American and French motion pictures, and has written songs appearing on soundtrack albums and numerous independent recordings. He also worked extensively as a bassist in the San Francisco Bay Area during the '90's. '''Sterling State Park''' in the United States is the only Michigan state park located on the shores of Lake Erie. The park encompasses 2.03 mi² (5.26 km²) just northeast of Monroe, Michigan in Frenchtown Charter Township

United States

'' album. In 2010, AOL radio listeners chose "All Those Years Ago" as one of the ''10 Best George Harrison Songs'', appearing at #6 on the list. '''Kidsongs''' is an American (United States) children's media franchise which includes Kidsongs Music Video Stories on DVD and video, The Kidsongs TV Show

folk songs are intertwined throughout the movement, although often grotesquely altered with respect to rhythm, pitch, and harmonic connotation. Folk songs appearing in the scherzo include "My Old Kentucky Home," "Sailor's Hornpipe," "The Campbells are Coming," "Long, Long Ago," "Hold the Fort," and "There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood," among many others. Drawing from his college days at Yale University, Ives also

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