; (Leadbelly), "Outlaw Blues (Outlaw Blues (song))" (Bob Dylan), "Jack the Ripper (Jack the Ripper (song))" (Screaming Lord Sutch), "Jolene (Jolene (song))" (Dolly Parton), "Death Letter" (Son House), "Goin' Back to Memphis" (Soledad Brothers (Soledad Brothers (band))), and "De Ballit of de Boll Weevil (Boll Weevil (song))" (Leadbelly). There have been several other aircraft crashes around Winter Hill. A two seater aircraft crashed there in the 1920s. Lane, Dave (January 2004). Winter Hill Scrapbook. (PDF). Issue 5. During World War II an American Fairchild UC-61 Forwarder (C-61 Forwarder) (41-54885) of 5th Air Depot Group crashed on 7 August 1942. In the following year, on 12 November 1943, the crew of a Wellington Bomber (Z8799) from 28 Operational Training Unit, flying from Blackpool to Manchester, were killed when it crashed just to the North of Winter Hill, on Hurst Hill, Anglezarke Moor (Anglezarke). The following month, 24 December 1943, an Airspeed Oxford (BM837) of 410 Squadron crashed on the hill. Other crashes have included several Spitfire (Supermarine Spitfire)s, Hurricane (Hawker Hurricane)s and a Gloster Meteor which crashed in 1953. In September 1965 a RAF De Havilland Chipmunk flew into the hill in cloud, without serious injury to the crew. The last crash occurred in October 1968 when a Cessna 172 force-landed between Winter Hill and Rivington Pike. alias origin Blackpool, England genre Post-punk Alternative dance Electro (Electro (music)) Electronic (Electronic music) Alternative rock Early recordings 1977 - 1982 (''Always Now'') Section 25 was formed in Blackpool, Lancashire in November 1977 (1977 in music). Initially it was a duo, consisting of brothers Larry Cassidy (bass, vocals) and Vincent Cassidy (drums). In June 1978 (1978 in music) they made their live debut and were joined by Duncan Jowitt (now with UFX) on guitar. Jowitt left after only a couple of gigs to form his own band, and in November the Cassidy brothers were joined by guitarist Paul Wiggin. Their first record release was a single track on the Blackpool Rox EP released on John Robb's Vinyl Drip label in 1979, which also featured The Membranes, Syntax and The Kenneth Turner Set. Vera also had her fair share of lovers: she was tempted by a former paramour in 1991 in Blackpool, but stayed with her husband. In 2000, when she believed she could die during in an operation, she confessed to Jack that Terry might not be his real son, but the product of a fling early in their marriage. Jack told Curly Watts he had always known about the affair, and was convinced Terry was his as, to his shame, they are very alike. Jack and Vera later became surrogate parents for Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall), whose mother has been imprisoned for assault. Jack considers Tyrone as more of a son than Terry had ever been. Jack is fond of pigeons though Vera hates them, and she once tricks him into believing that she has cooked him a pigeon pie. Jack once agrees to sell his dead body for a large amount of cash to an artist (Maggie McCarthy) who enjoys painting stuffed humans, so he could buy Vera a Christmas present. When Vera discovers this, she argues with the woman, who then turns up, inspired by Vera. They agree to both pose nude for the artist, but on condition that they would be buried as normal. The Duckworths celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary with a party at the Rovers in August 2007. After the couple plan to move to Blackpool, Jack discovers Vera has died in her armchair on 18 January 2008, devastating many of Coronation Street's residents. This prompts Jack to remain in Weatherfield, although, he still offers the house to Tyrone and his girlfriend Molly Compton (Molly Dobbs) (Vicky Binns), though they insist that he remain as lodger. Months later, Jack's grandson Paul Clayton (Paul Clayton (Coronation Street)) (Tom Hudson), having returned to Weatherfield previously, confesses to the police to burning down Valandro's, Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson)'s restaurant. He also confesses this to Jack who is disgusted with his grandson's behaviour and tells him he is his father's son. Despite his disgust, Jack offers Paul £10,000 that he has received from the house, on the condition that Paul faces prison. However, Paul cannot face it and decides to flee the country. This reassures Jack that Paul is different from Terry. When Molly's aunt Pam Hobsworth (Kate Anthony) later moves into number 9, Jack decides to spend a few months in Blackpool. Upon his return, he describes at Tyrone and Molly's wedding in January 2009 that Tyrone is the son he and Vera had always wanted. Later that year, Jack meets Connie Rathbone (Rita May (Rita May (actress))), a widow and pigeon enthusiast. The two become good friends, although Tyrone feels that Jack's behaviour is disrespectful to the memory of Vera. Jack soon goes on holiday with Connie to Spain and lies to Tyrone and Molly that he is returning to Blackpool. When he comes back, Tyrone discovers the truth and is unhappy with Jack. Tyrone begins to soften towards Connie but is still shocked when Jack announces that he is moving in with Connie and he leaves on 21 September 2009. birth_date WikiPedia:Blackpool Commons:Category:Blackpool

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