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Toledo, Spain

, who along with her husband King Ferdinand II of Aragon were the "Catholic Monarchs". The surrender concluded Al-Andalus as a political entity, but the cultural and social contributions under Muslim rule still persist in the region. Cortés did not establish an independent, conquered territory under his own personal rule, but remained loyal to the Habsburg Emperor Charles V (Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor), who was also King of Spain and its associated European territories


channel) Nickelodeon , Cookie Jar Entertainment, New Wave Entertainment, and Insomniac Games. Latino Walk of Fame The Walk of Fame is similar to the one in Hollywood, but with a probable focus on Latino celebrities. The Latino Walk of Fame was inaugurated on April 30, 1997 to honor outstanding leaders who have made historical and social contributions with a Sun Plaque on Whittier Boulevard the heart of East L.A.. Spaces have been created for over 280 plaques. Permanent granite plaques have been put in place for the first 20 honorees. The merchants’ association of East Los Angeles sponsors a Comprehensive Clean-Up Campaign that cleans the sidewalks and gutters daily and removes litter and trash. Street West is a gay pride parade and festival that was first held in June 1970 in Hollywood to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York. After incorporation, the event moved to West Hollywood and is typically held the second weekend in June. The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services operates the Hollywood-Wilshire Health Center in Hollywood, serving West Hollywood. "Hollywood-Wilshire Health Center." Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. Retrieved on March 18, 2010. In the 1920s Elsinore became a resort for the rich and the glamorous from Hollywood and also hosted teams for Olympic training and for high speed boat racing. The lake went dry in the mid 1930s but refilled by 1938. During World War II the lake was used to test seaplanes and a Douglas Aircraft plant making wing assemblies for B-17 bombers was located in the city. Tom Hudson, ''Lake Elsinore Valley, its story 1776-1977'', 2nd Ed., Published by author, 1988. ISBN 0-931700-01-9 In the decade before World War II, March Field took on much of its current appearance and also began to gain prominence. Lieutenant Colonel Henry H. (Hap) Arnold (Henry H. Arnold), base commander from 1931 to 1936, began a series of well-publicized maneuvers to gain public attention. This resulted in a visit by Governor James Rolph (James Rolph) in March 1932, numerous visits by Hollywood celebrities including Bebe Daniels, Wallace Berry, Rochelle Hudson and others, and visits by famous aviators including Amelia Earhart. Articles in Los Angeles newspapers also kept March Field in the news and brought to it considerable public attention. The completion of the first phase of permanent buildings in 1934 added to the scenic quality of the base. left thumb City of Santa Rosa, A-26 Invader attack bomber built in 1944. (Image:CitySantaRosa1.jpg) * The '''Pacific Coast Air Museum''' is located on the southeast corner of the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport, next to the airplane hangar used in the 1963 Hollywood all-star comedy movie, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. *'''Charles M. Schulz Museum''' The 456th SAW continued the mission of strategic bombardment and missile readiness training. The wing’s bombardment and air refueling squadrons frequently deployed aircraft and crews to meet USAF requirements, often having nearly all of the resources of the wing scattered around the world at various operating locations. In 1963 the 456th Strategic Aerospace Wing was featured as the fictional 904th Strategic Aerospace Wing in the Hollywood film production ''A Gathering of Eagles'', with the Air Force, SAC and the wing providing maximum support to the Universal Studios film crews. Initially, UPA contracted with the United States government to produce its animation output, but the government contracts began to evaporate as the FBI began investigating Communist activities in Hollywood in the late 1940s. No formal charges were filed against anyone at UPA in the beginnings of the so-called "Red Scare" (McCarthyism), but the government contracts were lost as Washington severed its ties with Hollywood. thumb Southgate Shopping Center (File:Lakeland FL Southgate Shopping Center01.jpg) In 1990, Lakeland made its Hollywood debut when the Southgate Shopping Center was featured in the movie ''Edward Scissorhands''. It is also mentioned in the Sublime (Sublime (band)) song "April 26, 1992 (Miami)" when lead singer Bradley Nowell lists the cities burning across the United States. Hailey is the current home of retired tennis professional Mats Wilander. Hollywood actors (and former couple) Bruce Willis and Demi Moore also have homes in the town. The poet Ezra Pound was born there in 1885. US Dressage Olympian Debbie McDonald lives there as well with her husband hunter jumper trainer Bob. Author Ernest Hemingway completed ''For Whom the Bell Tolls'' while staying in suite 206 of the Lodge in the fall of 1939. Averell Harriman had invited Hemingway and other celebrities, primarily from Hollywood, to the resort to help promote it. Gary Cooper was a frequent visitor and hunting fishing partner, as were Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, and several members of the Kennedy family. Hemingway was a part-time resident over the next twenty years, eventually relocating to Ketchum (Ketchum, Idaho) ("Papa" and his fourth wife are buried in the Ketchum Cemetery). The Hemingway Memorial, dedicated in 1966, is just off Trail Creek Road, about a mile northeast of the Sun Valley Lodge. The beauty of McCall and Payette Lake drew attention from Hollywood in 1938 when it was selected as the filming location for the Academy Award-nominated ''Northwest Passage'' (Northwest Passage (1940 film)), starring Spencer Tracy, Robert Young (Robert Young (actor)), and Walter Brennan. The film, released in 1940 (1940 in film), was about the French and Indian War of 1755-63 in eastern North America. Even Hollywood has a Tolono representative. After shooting in several locations in Tolono in 2006, Mark Roberts, a Tolono native, wrapped production on his feature-length movie "Welcome To Tolono". The film was highlighted on the 2007 film festival circuit. Welcome To Tolono shows the struggles of real people with real problems, trying to help themselves in a small town where anonymity is impossible, and the hypocrisy of organized religion is unforgivable. As their lives intersect, friendships and alliances are formed, and tragedy is the glue that ultimately bonds them. * James Eli Watson, U. S. Senator * Robert Wise (1914–2005), Hollywood director (film director), born in Winchester Wallace was a semi-regular on ''The Merv Griffin Show'', appearing over 50 times, and moved to Hollywood at Griffin (Merv Griffin)'s request. One of these appearances in March 1972 led to a supporting role on ''The Bob Newhart Show'' as Carol Kester (later Carol Kester Bondurant), receptionist to Bob Newhart. 1962–1964: The origin Cherilyn Sarkisian (Cher) first met Salvatore Bono in a Los Angeles coffee shop in November 1962,


, Emir Muhammad XII (Muhammad XII of Granada) surrendered the Emirate of Granada to Queen Isabella I of Castile, who along with her husband King Ferdinand II of Aragon were the "Catholic Monarchs". The surrender concluded Al-Andalus as a political entity, but the cultural and social contributions under Muslim rule still persist in the region. History In the 16th century Mactan Island was colonized by Spain. Augustinians friars founded the town of Opon in 1730


awarded or been given the following awards by Singaporean political leaders: Social Contributions Tengku Ampuan Jema’ah had a keen interest in trying out various types of handicraft at the palace. She was good at knitting, embroidery and patch work. When she moved to Klang, she gathered women from the villages and started a handicraft training programme for them. The craftwork was sent to Raffles Hotel in Singapore under the brand name “Pertukangan Tangan Melayu Selangor


and officials was represented by the Japanese Olympic Committee. Sinanoğlu has been to Asia and Latin America and received several international and local awards concerning his scientific and social contributions and efforts. He has worked to establish communication between Japan, India, and Turkey. Because of his efforts, he was given the title "Special Emissary" to Japan. He worked for improvements in education and the purification of language in Turkey for most

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