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a separate wattle and daub structure, behind the main house. The toilet, in a town without water mains, is normally a simple cubicle (Washroom) concealing a pit or "long drop" dry toilet (Pit toilet). Pit Toilet photo Basankusu is fortunate for having a good underground water supply and many houses have on-site water hand pumps. Habitat for Humanity http

Rauma, Finland

site. Water buses take people to Reksaari island and former garrison island of Kuuskajaskari. Both islands are in recreational use. Consolidation of municipalities Rauma and the surrounding municipality of Rauman maalaiskunta ("rural municipality of Rauma") were consolidated in 1993, continued in 2007 with the consolidation of municipality of Kodisjoki. The municipality of Lappi (Lappi, Finland) was consolidated to Rauma in 2009. File:KirkkoRauma 2

Northern Ireland

Marina''' is situated in Portaferry, on the east shore of The Narrows (separating Portaferry and Strangford villages), the gateway to Strangford Lough, County Down, Northern Ireland. It is owned and managed by Portaferry Regeneration, is sited 100 metres south of the ferry slipway in Portaferry and can accommodate up to 50 boats. Some 12 berths are reserved purely for visitor use and there is on-site water and electricity. Portaferry village centre is two minutes from


a typical dog park offers a 4' to 6' fence; separate, double-gated entry and exit points; adequate drainage; benches for humans; shade for hot days; parking close to the site; water; tools (Pooper-scooper) to pick up and dispose of animal waste (Feces) in covered trash cans; and regular maintenance and cleaning of the grounds. How To: Starting a Dog Park Dog parks may also feature wheel-chair access, a pond

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