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and historical entity, it is best to start with Stonska Prevlaka (Ston Isthmus), the single connection with the mainland. Recessed among hills, it extends 1.5 km between the southern and northern coasts. Archaeological finds here show that Mediterranean and Balkan cultural groups were both present, and in prehistory an exchange of goods took place by land and sea. This area has attracted streams of men and merchants from the mountainous interior and the open Adriatic Sea. The Tabula Peutingeriana, the first geographical map of the Adriatic from ancient Rome, shows a fort at this locations with the name of Turris Stagni. Approaching from land, Roman walls can be seen near Zamaslina. Part of an Illyrian defensive strategy was the hill-fort at Humac, which controlled all of Malostonski Zaljev (Mali Ston bay). It was the guardfort of this small area, a desired location since ancient times due to its sheltered position and natural features of this basin that include exceptional maritime and cultural qualities (now a protected preserve). Get in You can book an excursion from Dubrovnik. Get around See thumb A section of the old defensive wall in Ston (File:City walls of Ston0008.jpg) A monumental defensive system, the largest fortification and urban achievements in Europe at the time. Dubrovnik invested huge sums of money and employed the many builders. During the first thirty years, the defensive walls, the longest in Europe, were built from one side of the peninsula to the other. Do Buy Eat * Wikipedia:Ston Commons:Category:Ston


airlines. It has built a far-reaching network, flying to destinations in Europe, South (South Asia) and East Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. Contrary to Dubai, the home of Qatar Airways' archrival Emirates, Doha is served by much fewer other carriers. The major European airlines usually provide a single connection to Doha from their main hubs (e.g. Lufthansa from Frankfurt, KLM from Amsterdam), but minor ones do not. Pretty much all airlines of the Middle

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