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Livingstone, Zambia

Some colonial civic buildings were destroyed and replaced with an African architecture, although Livingstone was used as a location for a 1950s Rhodesian town in the 1981 movie ''The Grass is Singing'' (based on the Doris Lessing novel of that name). IMDB Internet Movie Database accessed 10 March 2007. . At the same time, a large infusion of cash from the British government to Zambia at independence was partially used in Livingstone. '''Pemba''' is a small town (population about 4,000) located in Choma District of the Southern Province of Zambia. It is situated on the 'Great North Road' that runs between Lusaka and Livingstone (Livingstone, Zambia). The main ethnic group in the town are the Tonga (Tonga people). Prominent educational institutions found here are Pemba Basic School, Pemba High School, Jembo Mission High School and Kasiya Secretarial College.

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