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the chief town of a county. More and more artisans and traders moved into the city and the number of the citizens during six decades doubled by 1780. During the 1800s the city developed considerably, due to the importance of the railway line between Buda and Zagreb. Kaposvár became an important industrial city. But more important was that, so from the 19th century significant medical and cultural institutions were founded in Kaposvár. The "kis gymnasium"

Verdun, Quebec

Verdun, July 2, 2008. Accessed July 4, 2011. The borough is served by the green line (Line 1 Green (Montreal Metro)) of the Montreal metro: Verdun (Verdun (Montreal Metro)), De l'Église (De L'Église (Montreal Metro)), and LaSalle (LaSalle (Montreal Metro)) stations, along with Jolicoeur (Jolicoeur (Montreal Metro)) station immediately across the aqueduct in Ville-Émard. All of these stations have been in service since 1978. Health Significant medical facilities in the borough include the Douglas Hospital, a McGill University research hospital in mental health, and Verdun General Hospital (Hôpital de Verdun). The Douglas grounds were the original playing fields for the Montreal Ultimate Association. Recreation Recreational facilities include the Verdun Auditorium, a hockey arena and concert hall, the home of the now defunct Junior de Montréal (Montreal Junior Hockey Club) team. On November 2, 1993, rock band Nirvana (Nirvana (band)) played a concert at the auditorium on their final North American tour. Expansive parks (L'Honorable-George-O'Reilly, Mgr-J-A-Richard, and Arthur-Therrien) with bike paths line the banks of the St. Lawrence River, making Verdun one of the few parts of the Island of Montreal to open onto the whole length of its waterfront, a legacy of the flooding that once impeded settlement. The waterfront also features the Verdun Natatorium, public-access docks and a marina, an open-air dancing shell, a lawn bowling green, and football, baseball, and soccer fields. Cycling is also available along the Canal de l'Aqueduc on the opposite edge of the borough; on rue de Verdun; and around and through Nuns' Island, including the cycle-accessible Champlain Bridge ice structure connecting to Île Notre-Dame and the south shore. Another of the borough's major green spaces, the Domaine Saint-Paul (Boisé de l'Île-des-Sœurs), preserves the natural woodland of Nuns' Island, home to more than a hundred species of birds as well as the scarce brown snake (Storeria). Trails lead through the woodland. The campus of the Douglas Hospital is also a major green space open to the public. Smaller parks are also dotted through the borough. The borough's community centres are the Centre communautaire Marcel-Giroux, near the borough hall; the Centre communautaire Elgar on Nuns' Island; and the Centre culturel de Verdun, in the western part of the borough. The latter two facilities include public libraries and art exhibition spaces. Government Municipal Verdun is governed by a borough council consisting of the borough mayor and of one city councillor and two borough councillors elected by each of two council districts, for a total of seven members. The borough mayor and the two city councillors represent Verdun on Montreal City Council. As of the November 3, 2013 Montreal municipal election (Montreal municipal election, 2013), the current borough council consists of the following councillors: class "wikitable" border "1" ! District ! Position ! Name ! width "30px"   ! Party -  — Borough mayor City councillor (Montreal City Council) Jean-François Parenteau '''Verdun Collège Français''' were a junior ice hockey team from Verdun, Quebec. They were members of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League from 1991 to 1994. Collège Français resurrected the dormant Quebec Remparts franchise in 1985 after a three year hiatus, as '''Longueuil Collège Français'''. The team played in Longueuil, Quebec at Colisée Jean Béliveau for three seasons before moving to the Verdun Auditorium.


to be transferred to Jerusalem since no significant medical facilities existed in Ramallah. Jordanian rule thumb right Residential neighborhood in Ramallah. (File:Ramallah Residential.JPG) Following the creation of the State of Israel and the ensuing war (1948 Arab–Israeli War), Jordan seized the part of Palestine they named the West Bank. This included Ramallah. The West Bank was relatively peaceful during the years of Jordanian rule (Jordanian occupation of the West Bank) between 1948

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