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Chihuahua City

) of the city for the term 2004–2007. Since 2005, the International Festivals of Chihuahua have been celebrated by both the state and city governments during the months of September October with art shows, plays, stage presentations and concerts by such bands as America (America (band)), Foreigner (Foreigner (band)), Creedence and Los Lobos being held at venues throughout the city. Elections for mayor for the term 2007–2010 were held at the beginning of July 2007; Carlos Borruel Baquera

Chinatown, San Francisco

there such as Russell Leong, to ''The Joy Luck Club (The Joy Luck Club (novel))'' author Amy Tan whose experiences growing up in the neighborhood formed the basis of the famous book and film (The Joy Luck Club (film)). The Chinatown has served as a backdrop for several movies, television shows, plays and documentaries including such hits as ''The Maltese Falcon (The Maltese Falcon (1941 film)), Big Trouble in Little China, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Presidio (film


of Essex. It replaced the former Farringdon Multi Story Car Park. The old Central Library builidng has now become home to the Beecroft Gallery. Theatres There are three theatres. The Cliffs Pavilion is a large building to host concerts and performances on ice. The Edwardian Palace Theatre (Palace Theatre, Westcliff-on-Sea) is a grade II building built in 1912. It shows plays from professional troupes and repertory groups, as well as comedy acts. The theatre has two circles and the steepest

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