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and the countryside. Potters, jewellers, painters, textile artists and fashion designers make up a few of the disciplines of the talents on display. Barrie is also home to Kempenfest; one of the largest outdoor arts and crafts celebrations in Ontario. This festival occurs annually over the August long weekend and features over 300 artisans, an antique show, food demonstrations, children’s activities and live entertainment, including an indie-music stage. Some of the main arts and culture groups


, author, entrepreneur, and television personality based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He is best known for his restaurant, Olives, located in both Boston and Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada), plus his TV cooking show, Food Trip with Todd English, on PBS. Airplay "The Fallen" gained significant airplay in the United States in February 2006, where it was added to the playlists of 30 modern rock stations. These include the Sirius Satellite Radio stations S021 and S026, WFNX and WBCN (WBCN (FM)) of Boston, Massachusetts (Boston), as well as KXRK (Salt Lake City, Utah (Salt Lake City)), WHTG-FM (Monmouth (Monmouth County, New Jersey) Ocean (Ocean County, New Jersey)), WWCD (Columbus (Columbus, Ohio)), and KWOD (KBZC) (Sacramento (Sacramento, California)). Life She attended Georgetown Day School. She was educated at Wesleyan University and the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and received a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship. She presently lives with her family near Boston and has taught at both Harvard University and Wellesley College. http: 2009-10 about faculty suzanne-berne.jsp She is associate English professor at Boston College. http: schools cas english faculty ptfaculty.html '''''The Brink's Job''''' is a 1978 film directed by William Friedkin and starring Peter Falk, Peter Boyle, Allen Garfield, Warren Oates, Gena Rowlands, and Paul Sorvino. It is based on the Brink's robbery (Great Brink's Robbery) in Boston, where almost 3 million dollars (United States dollar) were stolen. Plot Small-time Boston crook Tony Pino (Peter Falk) tries to make a name for himself. He and his five associates attempt to pull off a large-scale robbery whenever they could. After Tony and his gang easily rob over $100,000 in cash from a Brinks Armored Car, Tony disguises himself as a sparkplug salesman and is able to get inside Brinks' large and so-called "impregnable fortress" headquarters in the city's North End (North End, Boston), a company renowned for unbreachable security as a private "bank" throughout the East Coast. Once inside, Tony realizes that Brinks is anything but a fortress and the employees treat the money "like garbage". Still wary of Brinks' image, Tony breaks in one night after casing the building, to find that only two doors in the building are locked, and one is easily bypassed by leaping a gate. The only thing locked in the building is the vault. Also, Tony realizes that unlike what Brinks claims, there is only a 10-cent alarm in the vault room itself, and is almost impossible to set off. It appears that Brinks had relied so much on their reputation for strong security that they had not locked the doors. Pino then begins to plan out the robbery, using the rooftop of a neighboring building as a watch tower. He unsuccessfully campaigned for the Canadian House of Commons in 1917, as a Labour candidate opposing Robert Borden's Unionist (Unionist Party (Canada)) government in the Conscription Crisis (Conscription Crisis of 1917) election of 1917 (Canadian general election, 1917). While not a pacifist, Irvine denounced war profiteering and called for the "conscription of wealth" rather than of men. commons:Boston

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Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas , plus his TV cooking show, Food Trip with Todd English, on PBS. '''Father James Renshaw Cox''' (1886–1951) was an American (United States) Roman Catholic priest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, known for his pro-labor activism. He was a candidate for President of the United States in 1932, and also the organizer of an unprecedented protest march on Washington, DC

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