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and political instability. Its musicians were oppressed by government forces, both during the period of Portuguese colonization (Colonial history of Angola) and after independence (Angolan civil war). Recent career In 2000, Jones cut "The Perfect Crime"(to the show ''Crime Perfeito''), an up-tempo song for Danish TV written by the composer duo Floppy M. aka Jacob Duus & Kåre Jacobsen. Also in 2000, Jones collaborated with rapper Lil' Kim, appearing on the song "Revolution" from her album The Notorious K.I.M.. http: nad store artist album 0,,1023051,00.html A year later, she appeared alongside Tim Curry in ''Wolf Girl'' (also known as ''Blood Moon''), as a transvestite circus performer named Christoph Christine. On 28 May 2002, she performed onstage in Modena, Italy with Italian opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti during his annual ''Pavarotti and Friends'' concert to support the UN refugee agency's programs for Angolan refugees in Zambia. Commons:Category:Angola Wikipedia:Angola Dmoz:Regional Africa Angola

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