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short strip

Peace River, Alberta

for the numerous pine trees that grew in the area. The pine trees have since been chopped down after being ravaged by pine beetles. The Pines is single detached housing neighbourhood. Rosedale is located to the south of Lower West Peace between Highway 684 and the Peace River. It consists of single detached housing with relatively larger lots on un-paved roads. Shaftesbury Estates is further south of Rosedale separated by a short strip of undeveloped land and St. Germaine Creek along Highway 684

Second Polish Republic

. When, after several regional conflicts, the borders of the state were fixed in 1922, Poland's neighbours were Czechoslovakia, Germany (Weimar Republic), the Free City of Danzig, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and the Soviet Union. It had access to the Baltic Sea via a short strip of coastline either side of the city of Gdynia. Between March and August 1939, Poland also shared a border with the then-Hungarian province of Carpathian Ruthenia. Despite internal


is complete are not loaded and are taken away from the terminal area to a secure facility for disposal. By train After twenty years of non-service, a once-weekly passenger train had been put in service between Gaziantep in southeastern Turkey (Southeastern Anatolia) and Mosul, crossing a short strip of Syrian territory. It departed 21:00 every Thursday from Gaziantep and arrived in Mosul 14:00 next day, costing €25 pp. This was the only way of arriving in Iraq by rail

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