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, although UK and Jersey pounds are also accepted. Note there are no ATM on the islands, and only two banks, with rather short opening times (they usually are open 10-12 and 2-3 Monday to Friday), only one of which (HSBC, at the end of the Avenue) can give money to non-customers (note that Natwest can only help Natwest International customers, not Natwest customers from the UK). Most hotels, and restaurants card terminals, and a couple of the grocery stores on the Avenue can do cashback up to £50. When leaving the Bailwick of Guernsey (i.e. if you are travelling to Jersey or France), you may purchase duty free, usually sold on board ship. Eat Café *

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DATE OF BIRTH January 18, 1969 United States An American (United States) version of the show, produced by Kelsey Grammer, aired during 2005 on Fox (Fox Broadcasting Company). The main cast consisted of Malcolm Barrett (Malcolm Barrett (actor)), Kaitlin Olson, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Paul F. Tompkins, as well as Lee Mack from the British version of the show. Grammer only appeared in short opening and closing segments in each episode. After World War II

are, Western Regional Examining Board (Western regional examining board), Central Regional Dental Testing Service, Northeast Regional Board of Dental Examiners. These were organized to better standardize clinical exams for licensure. The video was hosted by John Hillerman, who narrated a short opening segment directly to the viewer explaining the contest rules and providing a few cursory hints. The remainder of the video was a half-hour narrative, in the form of a farcical

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