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shooting technique


performed a "double tap" maneuver, a controlled shooting technique in which the shooter makes two quick shots at the target's torso. Rousseau hit the target on either side of the sternum, usually enough to incapacitate or kill a target outright. Seeing that the guerrilla was still advancing, Rosseau made an attempt at a head shot that hit the guerrilla through the base of his neck, severing the spinal cord. '''Matola''' is a city in southern Mozambique, which lies 12 kilometers


in the 10000m. '''Francesco Baiano''' (born 24 February 1968 in Naples) is a former Italian (Italy) footballer and currently a coach, currently in charge as assistant coach of Siena (A.C. Siena). He is a well-known striker famous for his shooting technique. *'''Saint Gabinus''', who died as a martyr at Porto Torres, Sardinia, Italy (the ancient Turris) in about the year 300. His feast day is 30 May, and he is the only Gabinus included in the Roman Martyrology

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