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service manufacturing

Palms, Los Angeles

''') * Brief note about historical roots founding * Nicknames, if notable * Primary industries supporting its economy (e.g. service, manufacturing, tourism, etc...) * Notable unique characteristics and characteristics commonly associated with it Names of the city should be given in each of the city's official languages. Pronunciation of the city name should be in IPA as per Help:IPA for English, though can also be in the main local language(s) if thought helpful. -- History

Ming dynasty

), 36. # The Ministry of Works had charge of government construction projects, hiring of artisans and laborers for temporary service, manufacturing government equipment, the maintenance of roads and canals, standardization of weights and measures, and the gathering of resources from the countryside. Bureaus and offices for the imperial household File:Ming coinage 14th 17th century.jpg thumb Chinese coinage in the Ming dynasty

St. Louis

; with restructuring of heavy industry and loss of jobs, plus postwar suburbanization, it began a long decline that continued into the 21st century. Immigration has increased, and the city is the center of the largest Bosnian (History of the Bosnians in St. Louis) population in the world outside their homeland. The economy of St. Louis relies on service, manufacturing, trade, transportation of goods, and tourism. The city is home to several major corporations including Express Scripts, Peabody

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