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''', No.139,Xinchangdong Road. New and cool hostel just across from the Saturday Creative Market site. The streets behind the hostel has lots of shops selling contemporary style porcelain. Go next Licun bus station is on Shuguang Lu, and has bus rides to Wuyuan (2 hours). The train station is nearby, with connections to Tunxi. The airport and the long-distance bus station are in the west of town. Wikipedia:Jingdezhen

Puerto Vallarta

shops are either factory stores or time-share gimmicks. Neither are good options for buying tequila at a decent price quality ratio. * '''Manta Maya''' a shop selling contemporary variations on traditional Mexican cotton clothing. The clothing is made in their shop in Zapopan, on the outskirts of Guadalajara. Basilio Badillo at Ignacio Vallarta. * '''Galeria Indigena''' a shop specializing in Huichol art as well as art from other indigenous peoples. You'll see bead art everywhere, but this is one of a few shops that sell somethint at least a little more authentic than colorful beaded lizards and such. Juarez 628. * '''Arte Mágico Huichol''' another Huichol art shop. In addition to the usual bead art and yarn art they also sell piece of more traditional Huichol handicrafts. Coronoa 179. * '''La Casa del Habano''' Vallarta's best selection of real Cuban cigars. They also have a cigar bar. Aldama 170, Zona Centro. * WikiPedia:Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Jalisco Localities Puerto Vallarta commons:Puerto Vallarta


, Xu Beihong and Wu Guanzhong, Zhang Xiaogang is a best-selling contemporary Chinese artist and a favorite of foreign collectors. Geographic range Ranges from northern Vietnam through southern China


January 1949) is a best-selling contemporary Japanese (w:Japan) writer. His works of fiction and non-fiction have garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards, both in Japan and internationally, including the World Fantasy Award (w:World Fantasy Award) (2006) and the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award (w:Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award) (2006), while his whole oeuvre garnered the Franz Kafka Prize (w:Franz Kafka Prize) (2006) and the w:Jerusalem Prize

United States

Canada accidentally released the ten-track LP version to CD. The cover and tray art were that of the seventeen-track version causing confusion and recalls. They later issued the seventeen-track version as well. According to CCM Magazine, ''The Collection'' is the best-selling Christian music (Contemporary Christian music) compilation album ever released, having sold in excess of 1 million copies. An unauthorized reproduction of the album artwork (featuring Amy Grant) was used for issue No. 15

in the distance, Penny quickly freezes time, leaves her house and walks through a frozen town. She looks up to see what the frozen people are looking at...and is horrified to see a Soviet nuclear missile frozen over the city, nose down and seemingly a second or two from detonating. '''702''' (pronounced ''"Seven-O-Two"''), named after the area code of their hometown (Area code 702) of Las Vegas, Nevada, is an American (United States) RIAA certification platinum-selling

R&B (Contemporary R&B) trio (trio (music)). Originally a quartet, the group became a trio, which includes sisters Irish (born June 2, 1980), and LeMisha 'Misha' (born June 10, 1978) Grinstead, and lead singer Kameelah 'Meelah' Williams (born March 8, 1978). Irish's twin sister Orish Grinstead (June 2, 1980 – April 20, 2008)

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