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science scale . (PDF) . Retrieved on 2011-12-24. In Liechtenstein, there are four main centers for higher education: * The University of Liechtenstein * Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein * Liechtenstein Institute * International Academy of Philosophy, Liechtenstein Transport There are about of marked bicycle paths


Range of rank on the PISA 2006 science scale at OECD format PDF accessdate 16 October 2010 In March 2008, the Ministry of Finance announced that Slovakia's economy is developed enough to stop being an aid receiver from the World Bank. Slovakia became an aid provider at the end of 2008.


width 220 image1 Univerza Ljubljana.jpg caption1 image2 UniverzaMaribor.jpg caption2 Universities in Ljubljana and Maribor Slovenia's education ranks as the 12th best in the world and 4th best in the European Union, being significantly higher than the OECD average, according to the Programme for International Student Assessment.


the arcaded courtyard and arched loggias of the Wawel palace.

scale work publisher pages page date accessdate 24 September 2008 -- Stanisław Salmonowicz, ''Polskie


than the OECD average. Primary and secondary education are predominantly public, run by the Ministry of National Education (Minister of National Education (France)). Higher education in France (Education in France#Higher education) is divided between public universities (Universities in France) and the prestigious

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