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on the issues of the language and education of the Albanians in Korçë. He wrote that only at the girls' school, set up by the Protestant community, the training was in Albanian and once more claimed there was no American who would not sympathise with the Albanians and their desire to use their own language Source : Antonina Zhelyazkova Albanian identities. International centre for minority study and intercultural relations. Sofia. Bulgaria 1999 The Albanian intellectual diaspora from Istanbul and Bucharest initially tried to avoid antagonism towards the notables of Korçë who were in favor of Greek culture. Thus they suggested the introduction of Albanian language in the existing Greek Orthodox schools, a proposal which was rejected by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. The '''Albanian Supercup of football (Football (soccer))''' has been played since 1989. It is a single match at the beginning of the season between the winners of the Albanian Superliga and Albanian Cup. Every match has been played in the National Stadium of Tirana, except the one of season 2011, which was played in Korçë. There are 18 finals played in total so far and KF Tirana have won half the amount, by winning the trophy 9 times. Albanian Supercup history from rsssf thumb 250px The letters of the Vithkuqi alphabet matched to their Albanian alphabet modern Albanian equivalents (File:VithkuqiScript.png). '''Vithkuqi''' script, also called '''Büthakukye''' or '''Beitha Kukju''' after the appellation applied to it by German Albanist Johann Georg von Hahn, was an alphabet invented for writing the Albanian language between 1825 and 1845 by Albanian (Albanians) scholar Naum Veqilharxhi. Though the script is sometimes erroneuosly claimed to be named after its inventor, as in Carl Faulmann's ''Das Buch der Schrift'', the alphabet's name is derived from Vithkuq, a village in the Korçë region where Veqilharxhi was born. Vithkuqi script was specifically designed to be as religiously neutral as possible, avoiding the duplication of Greek, latin, or Arabic characters. It had a near-perfect correspondence between letters and phonemes, but lacked characters for modern Albanian "rr", "xh", and "zh". The script never took hold because of its inventor's premature death and because of the prohibitive costs of cutting new type for the invented characters; nevertheless, a number of documents utilizing the script were published in the late nineteenth century. The script was eventually overwhelmed by the Greek (Greek script), Arabic (Arabic script) and Latin (Latin script) scripts it had been designed to supplant, the latter becoming the official one in 1909.


, spearheaded by the 1978 launch of the popular school-set drama series ''Grange Hill (Grange Hill (television))''. Created by Liverpudlian (Liverpool) dramatist Phil Redmond, the intention of the programme was to present issues relevant to children in a realistic manner, showing characters in a modern Comprehensive school and concentrating on the issues facing children in such schools. The series was a huge success, and in 1989 a similar programme, ''Byker Grove'', set in a youth club

used in ''Hollyoaks'' before it was sold, Ron Dixon's home was used as the Burtons' home and Max Farnham's home was used as the Deans' home. The ''Hollyoaks'' set was also the location for the television series Grange Hill and the school set is now used as Hollyoaks High. ''Hollyoaks'' rarely film in Chester due to their mass schedule. Nearly all scenes are filmed at studios on Abbey Road, Liverpool. Season_No 7 Location Aintree Circuit, Liverpool, England


before the 12 Franciscans normally thought of as the first priests in the New World. In Mexico he spent his life as a missionary, educating the indigenous population (Indigenous peoples of Mexico) in Christian catechism and dogma. He learned Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, and composed a Christian "doctrina". One of his most significant contributions to Mexico was the creation of the School of San Jose de los Naturales. This was the first school set up by Europeans in the Americas. The '''Chestnut Dioon''' (''Dioon edule'') is a cycad (cycadophyta) native to Mexico, also known as '''''Palma de la Virgen'''''. Cycads are among the oldest seed plants and even pre-date the dinosaurs. The United States Botanical Garden Two subspecies are known, one growing in a more arid environment than the other: *''Dioon edule'' subsp. ''angustifolium'' The '''Red-crowned Amazon''', (''Amazona viridigenalis'') also known as '''Red-crowned Parrot''', '''Green-cheeked Amazon''', or '''Mexican Red-headed Parrot''', is an endangered Amazon parrot native to northeastern Mexico. The current native wild population of between 1,000 and 2,000 is decreasing. The main threats to its survival are the illegal export of trapped birds from Mexico to the United States and the destruction of habitat. Range Their natural range is across the lowlands of northeastern Mexico. Feral birds have bred in urban communities of southern California, southern Florida, and the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Birds in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas may be either feral, descendants of natural vagrants (Vagrancy (biology)) from Mexico, or both. '''Elmer Dessens Jusaino''' deh-SENZ (born January 13, 1971) is a former Mexican (Mexico) professional baseball player who last played in Major League Baseball with the New York Mets. http: blog sweetspot post _ id 19757 playoffs-heat-up-in-winter-leagues Hoeneß then spent seven years without a callup. However, after a solid season (1985–86 Fußball-Bundesliga) with Bayern – 15 league goals, winning the double (Double (association football)) – the veteran was picked for the squad that took part in the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico, where he played twice for the eventual runners-up; one of those appearances came in the final (1986 FIFA World Cup Final) against Argentina (Argentina national football team), where he replaced Felix Magath at the hour-mark, obtaining the distinction of being the oldest player on the field, at 33 years and 173 days. '''Teléfonos de México''', better known as '''Telmex''', is a telecommunications company founded in 1947 that provides telecommunication products and services in Mexico and many parts of Latin America and the United States. In addition to traditional fixed-line telephone service, Telmex also offers Internet access through its Prodigy (Prodigy (ISP)) brand. '''''Rebelde''''' is a Mexican (Mexico) comic book series, published by ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio, based on the telenovela of the same title. The comic was first published April 2006 (2006 in comics). The series' art was advertised as being based on the style of Japanese manga, but evidently it doesn't have the same format, art style, or structure, thus leading to believe that there is the possibility that the producer Pedro Damián referred to it as manga only as a publicity stunt to attract a larger audience, aided by the fact that Ka-Boom! Estudio has never produced a single Manga work before, focusing only on American style comic. thumb The Presidio in 2011 (File:Sonoma presidio mosaic.png) '''El Presidio de Sonoma''', or '''Sonoma Barracks''', was a military outpost established in Alta California in 1836. It was built to house troops under General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, the Commandant of the Northern Frontier, as part of Mexico's strategy to subdue the Native Americans (Native Americans in the United States) of the Sonoma Valley and halt Russian incursions into the area.

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'''Christopher Columbus High School''' is a Catholic (Roman Catholic Church), college preparatory, all-male high school set on a campus in the Westchester (Westchester, Florida) neighborhood in Miami, Florida. It was established in 1958 by the Marist Brothers who also form part of school administration and faculty.

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