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Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1955, Toronto, Canada, An annual journal of scholarship, History, ISSN 0076–5872 Although the crusaders were evicted by 1225, the colonists they brought in remained, along with local population, as did three distinct settlements they founded on the site of Brașov: *''Corona'', around the Black Church (Biserica Neagră); *''Martinsberg'', west of Cetățuia Hill; *''Bartholomä'', on the eastern side of Sprenghi Hill. File:Brasov 1689.jpg thumb left


ate and was attended by many pupils; and through him Cordova became the seat of Jewish scholarship. History The earliest known written mention of the game is by Roman Emperor Gordian III and dates to the year 240. Rules for an Italian (Italy) version of fistball were recorded by Antonius Scaiono in 1555. In 1786, Johann Wolfgang Goethe mentioned fistball games between 'four noblemen from Verona and four Venetians' in his diary ''An Italian Journey''. Early career

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