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'' (Alternate Forum) which seats 15,000 people. The project was begun in 2001, and other institutions located here include the Juan José Arreola State Library of Jalisco, the ''Conjunto de Artes Escenicas'' (Scenic Arts Complex), and the Environmental Science Museum. The director of the organizing committee, Carlos Andrade Garin, said a 10-day construction delay would mean the event would have to be canceled. The company, officially called Empresas TAJÍN, is located in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico.


) was a Brazilian poet and writer. He took pride in being of mixed Polish (Polish Brazilian) and African (Afro-Brazilian) descent. DATE OF BIRTH August 24, 1944 PLACE OF BIRTH Curitiba, Paraná (Paraná (state)), Brazil DATE OF DEATH June 7, 1989 Biography Born in Curitiba, Paraná (Paraná (state)) state as '''Marjorie Dias de Oliveira''' to Eurandir Lima de Oliveira and Marilene Dias, the second of three siblings, Marjorie Estiano studied Scenic Arts


like the Casa Museo Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, the Museum of Independence (Museo de la Independencia), the Quinta de Bolivar and the Casa Museo Francisco José de Caldas, as well as the headquarters of Maloka and the Children's Museum of Bogotá. New museums include the Art Deco and the Museum of Bogotá. Theatre and scenic arts thumb Ibero-American Theater Festival (File:FITB.jpg) thumb left '' Teatro de Cristóbal Colón (File:Picolontheaterj.jpg)'' (Christopher Columbus Theater

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