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In 2009 Moody's Investors Service assigned ratings of Ba1 (Global scale, local currency) and (Mexican national scale). During the prior five years, the municipality's financial performance had been mixed, but has begun to stabilize in the last two years. Guadalajara manages one of the largest budgets among Mexican municipalities and its revenue per capita indicator (Ps. $2,265) places it above the average for Moody's-rated municipalities in Mexico. The city's economy has two main sectors. Commerce and tourism employ most: about 60% of the population. The other is industry, which has been the engine of economic growth and the basis of Guadalajara's economic importance nationally even though it employs only about a third of the population. Industries here produce products such as food and beverages, toys, textiles, auto parts, electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, footwear, furniture and steel products. Two of the major industries here have been textiles and shoes, which are still dynamic and growing.


in Yorkshire and Normandy. Around 1150 the Earl de Warenne set out a new town below the castle. This town forms the basis of modern-day Reigate. Little is known of the Castle which has never been excavated on any great scale. Local legend says prior to the signing of the Magna Carta, the rebellious barons met to hammer out the details of the document in the extensive Old Reigate: A Pictorial History


by Dezaki's brother Satoshi Desaki, character designs by Akio Sugino, and animation by Shingo Araki. The series got its first commercial broadcasting in Japan via Animax. is a system of community-supported agriculture in Japan, where consumers purchase food directly from farmers. Teikei is closely associated with small-scale, local (local food), organic farming, and volunteer-based, non-profit partnerships

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