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The Seneschal of Sark is the head of the Chief Pleas. Since 1675, he has also been the judge of the island (between 1583 and 1675, judicial functions were exercised by five elected Jurats and a Juge). The Seneschal is appointed by the Seigneur. Recently, following the decision of the English Court of Appeal, the Chief Pleas decided to split the dual role of the Seneschal.

title Seneschal to lose one of his roles publisher This Is Guernsey date accessdate 7 December 2012

St. Louis

, singer and conductor (conducting) Jack Little (Little Jack Little). The marriage was annulled when Leeds discovered that Little was still married. After taking an acting course at the Bliss-Hayden School of Acting, Leeds signed with MGM and began appearing in film roles. Title Blind Journey (Part 2

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