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Perm Krai

are incorporated as urban okrugs. Economy Nonferrous metallurgy is based on ore processing Verkhnekamskoye potash deposit containing magnesium and rare metals. The factories are located in Berezniki (Titanium Magnesium Plant Corporation VSMPO) and Solikamsk (JSC Solikamsk magnesium plant). In engineering plays an important role military production. The largest center of engineering is Perm; manufactured aircraft and rocket engines, oil field and mining equipment, Petrol motive-powered saws, communication equipment, vessels (Marine vessel), cable and other products. The largest enterprises are Motovilikha Plants and Perm Motors. Timber Complex edge based on the use of the richest forest resources Prikamye. Logging facilities are located mainly in the north region. Demographics right thumb Kamskaya Hydroelectric power plant, Perm (File:Kamskaya Hydro Power Station.jpg) According to the 2010 Census (Russian Census (2010)), the population of Perm Krai is 2,635,276; down from 2,819,421 recorded in the 2002 Census (Russian Census (2002)), commons:category:Perm Krai wikipedia:Perm Krai


. It is among Khabarovsk Krai's (Khabarovsk Krai) most successful enterprises, and for years has been the largest taxpayer of the territory. Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Manufacturing Association It has manufactured hundreds of civil aircraft and thousands of various-role military aircraft from the first recon aircraft to modern Su- series fighters and light amphibian aeroplanes

United States

for the same role. Military service His military career began in 1787 when he studied at the Austrian academy for artillery and engineers at Mechelen and Leuven in Belgium. Although his military service, which ended in 1820 and included the Napoleonic Wars, saw him travel extensively (including the West Indies, Canada and United States), much of the time saw him at a desk job in Britain (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland). One of his

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