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Sausalito, California

Heavy metal (Heavy metal music), neo-classical metal, instrumental rock Career Originally laid down on 29 February 1944 as a Maritime Commission type (T2-SE-A2) tanker hull (MC hull 1819) under a Maritime Commission contract as '''SS ''Mission Capistrano''''' at the Marinship Corporation in Sausalito, California; launched on 7 May 1944; sponsored by Mrs. James E. George; and delivered on 14 June 1944. Chartered to Pacific Tankers Inc., she spent the rest


23, 2004 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada Fish Creek Provincial Park - Calgary, Alberta, Canada Nose Hill Park background group_or_band origin Calgary, Alberta, Canada genre Rock (Rock music) Career The band (musical ensemble) formed in Calgary, Alberta in 1964 as The Rebounds.


, California; Livingston Studios (Livingston Recording Studios), London; Sawmills Studio, Fowey, Cornwall Genre Alternative rock, new prog, progressive metal, symphonic rock Career Bernhard Wicki and Arthur Brauner produced the film '' The Good Soldier Svejk The Good Soldier

, Media publisher Variety date September 3, 2008 accessdate December 12, 2011 Released November 23, 1990 Recorded May 1990 at Westbeach Recorders, Hollywood, California Genre Punk rock Career Stan Winston was born on April 7, 1946, in Arlington, Virginia, where he graduated from Washington-Lee High School in 1964. He studied painting and sculpture at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville (Charlottesville, Virginia) from which he


This would place the national rugby stadium in the country's main rugby stronghold of British Columbia, and in a city whose winter climate is considerably milder than that of most of the rest of Canada. Released 1995 Recorded Lighthouse Theatre Port Dover, Desolation Sound Vancouver, Chemical Sound Toronto Genre Roots rock Career Starr attended Western Canada High School and Queen's University. After finishing school, she moved

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