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is backed by the majority of UN member-states which follow One-China policies (One-China policy), all such applications have been denied. The ROC continues to call on the international body to recognize the rights of the 23 million people of Taiwan, who since 1971 have received no representation in the UN (except that which the PRC claims to provide), or in its related international affiliates (except, the World Health Assembly which the ROC has participated in as an observer under the name

Toronto City.aspx?CityId 1306&EngId 4106 Avocado-related international trade issues thumb left First international air shipment of avocados from Los Angeles (File:Avocado firstInternationalShipment.jpg), California to Toronto, Ontario, for the Canadian National Exhibition The '''Province of Toronto''' is an urban secession proposal to split the city of Toronto and some or all of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) ref

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