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Andes , Chile Buenos Aires, Argentina (Sevel (Sevel Argentina S.A.)) Kaduna, Nigeria Mombasa, Kenya Thames, New Zealand Melbourne, Australia La Marsa, Tunisia (STAFIM (:de:Société Tunisienne Automobile Financière Immobilière et Maritime)) related Early career Kaduna College originally was created to be a teachers training school. There were few high level civil service


Avestan and Sanskrit (and other related early Indo-European languages such as Latin and Ancient Greek), it is believed that the split between the old Persians and Indo-Aryan tribes had taken place at least by 1000 BC. There are striking similarities between the Old Afghan language of Avestan and Sanskrit, which may support the notion that the split was contemporary with the Indo-Aryans living in Afghanistan at a very early stage. Also, the Avesta itself divides into Old and New

United States

-style tracks under the name. They would find moderate success in the UK (United Kingdom) with their singles "Falling in Love" in 1983 and "When Your Ex Wants You Back" in 1984 (according to the Allmusic, "Falling in Love" also cracked the U.S. (United States) R&B chart, peaking at #84). With a sound more reminiscent of Kashif (Kashif (musician)) and related early 1980s soul (Soul music) groups

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