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Nyár a Flörtben "(A Summer At Club Flört). The record featured a selection of dynamic disco, funky house and trance anthems. regions cities Budapest, Székesfehérvár, Siófok, Fonyód, Nagykanizsa The '''M7 motorway''' is a Hungarian (Hungary) motorway which runs from Budapest towards the Croatian border at Letenye, reaching Székesfehérvár, then Siófok, a town on Lake Balaton, and the city of Nagykanizsa in the southwest

Madison, Wisconsin

self-released (and eventually rereleased by ECM Records), gained a degree of notice, especially from fans of the electric guitar. That record featured many overdubs, on one track as many as 50 overdubs creating a unique soundscape. death_date death_place Madison, Wisconsin, U.S. (United States) party Democrat (Democratic Party (United States)) Vilas was born in Chelsea, Vermont, and moved to Madison, Wisconsin, with his family


to accompany the photographs and text. ''Bone Machine'', Waits's first studio album in five years, was released in 1992. The stark record featured a great deal of percussion and guitar (with little piano or sax), marking another change in Waits' sound. Critic Steve Huey calls it "perhaps Tom Waits's most cohesive album... a morbid, sinister nightmare, one that applied the quirks of his experimental '80s classics to stunningly evocative—and often harrowing—effect... Waits' most affecting

Puerto Rico

Islands . After three years of building their fan base and positive reputation with guest spots and compilation records, Zion & Lennox released their first full-length record, ''Motivando a la Yal''. The record featured the work of renowned producers Luny Tunes, Noriega (Noriega (producer)), Nely "El Arma Secreta", and Eliel (Eliel (producer)), some of the most visible the style had to offer. Thanks to the record's success as it hit the charts with force, Zion &


at For the follow-up, "Rebel-'Rouser", the record featured overdubbed saxophone by Los Angeles session musician Gil Bernal (Gil Bernal (saxophonist)) and yells and handclaps by doo-wop group The Rivingtons.

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