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Sierra Vista, Arizona

post, is located in the northwest part of the city. Sierra Vista, which is Spanish for "Mountain Range View", is located , a joint-use civil-military airport which shares facilities with '''Libby Army Airfield''', is located on Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista (Sierra Vista, Arizona), a city and U.S. Army installation in Cochise County (Cochise County, Arizona), Arizona, United States. The airport has three runways and one helipad. It is mostly used for military aviation for the surrounding military base. '''The Thomas Ranch''' is a family owned-and-operated cow calf operation. Starting back in 1902, 10 years prior to the Arizona Territory becoming the State of Arizona (Arizona), the name "The Thomas Ranch" was registered by Edward E. Thomas, in Bisbee, Arizona, which was incorporated some months earlier in January 1902. The ranch has been family owned and operated ever since. It is located in the foothills of the Mule Mountains, between the cities of Bisbee, Sierra Vista (Sierra Vista, Arizona), and Tombstone (Tombstone, Arizona), in Cochise County (Cochise County, Arizona). The current owners are Albert and Alice Thomas; Albert is Edward E. Thomas' grandson. *Safford (Safford, Arizona) *Sierra Vista (Sierra Vista, Arizona)-Douglas (Douglas, Arizona) digital 23 (UHF (ultra high frequency)) Virtual (virtual channel): 4 (PSIP (Program and System Information Protocol)) other_chs K04QP-D Casas Adobes (Casas Adobes, Arizona) K20FO Sierra Vista (Sierra Vista, Arizona) K43CN Duncan (Duncan, Arizona) affiliations NBC '''KVOA''' is a full-service NBC-affiliated television station serving Tucson, Arizona. It broadcasts in digital (ATSC) on UHF (Ultra high frequency) channel 23 from its transmitter on Mount Bigelow, northeast of Tucson. Per FCC regulations, the station identifies itself on television tuners as channel 4 through PSIP (Program and System Information Protocol). KVOA has a low-power digital translator in Casas Adobes (Casas Adobes, Arizona) and analog translators in Duncan (Duncan, Arizona) Safford (Safford, Arizona) and Sierra Vista (Sierra Vista, Arizona). The primary station and the Casas Adobes and Sierra Vista translators are owned by Cordillera Communications, a subsidiary of the Evening Post Publishing Company of Charleston, South Carolina. airdate January 1, 1999 location Sierra Vista (Sierra Vista, Arizona) Tucson, Arizona Lordsburg, New Mexico callsign_meaning The '''WB A'''rizona (after previous affiliation) In 1994, Jeff moved to Sierra Vista, Arizona, where he began working at Junk Bond Observatory in an asteroid hunting program. Quickly tiring of the tedious work, he began development of an automated observing and reduction system for this work. - valign top Sierra Vista (Sierra Vista, Arizona) Ft Huachuca (Fort Huachuca) FHU president J.D. (James Dale) Rottweiler, Ph.D. city Sierra Vista (Sierra Vista, Arizona) & Douglas (Douglas, Arizona) state Arizona '''Cochise College''' is a two year college in Arizona. Founded in 1964, the school has campuses in Sierra Vista (Sierra Vista, Arizona) and Douglas (Douglas, Arizona), and centers in Benson (Benson, Arizona), Willcox (Willcox, Arizona), Fort Huachuca, and Nogales (Nogales, Arizona).


summit is visited for its long-range view of the coast, although more limited to the north than that of Palasip Qaqqaa to the north of the town airport. Wikipedia:Sisimiut Commons:Category:Sisimiut

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