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in the city. Sport thumb 100x100px (File:El Gawafel Sportives de Gafsa.png) El Kawafel Sportives de Gafsa (Arabic: القوافل الرياضية بقفصة, often referred to as EGSG) is the main football club of Gafsa. Media Radio Stations : Radio Gafsa (Governmental) Frequencies : 87.8 FM, 93.5 FM and 91.8 FM, Mines FM or Sawt Elmanajem (Private) Frequencies : 90.9 FM and other Government and Private Tunisian Radios Broadcast in Gafsa as Shems FM, RTCI, Youth Radio, Culture Radio, Zitouna

Allentown, Pennsylvania

; Arts and entertainment File:PA-LEHIGH-ALLENTOWNARTMUSEUM.jpg 200px thumb


offers a one year postgraduate diploma with specialisation in four streams under its 10 month programme – Television, Print, New Media and Radio. '''Kalighat painting''' originated in the 19th century Bengal, in the vicinity of Kalighat Kali Temple, Kalighat, Kolkata, India, and from being items of souvenir taken by the visitors to the Kali temple, the paintings over a period of time developed as a distinct school of Indian painting. From

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