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Rockville, Maryland

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East Pakistan

; - !Tenure Governor of East Pakistan The M.I. reported that the Martial Law (Martial law) was promulgated in entire country, both East-Pakistan (East Pakistan) and West-Pakistan (West Pakistan), and country's all agencies fell under the direct control of the President and Chief Martial Law Administrator, and the three intelligence agencies began competing to demonstrate their loyalty to Ayub Khan and his military government. The group emerged out of the pro-China trend of the communist movement in erstwhile East Pakistan. In 1967 Siraj Sikder had formed the Mao Tse Tung Thought Research Centre in Dhaka. The Centre was physically attacked by Jamaat-e-Islami cadres at several times. On January 8, 1968 the group formed the ''Purba Banglar Sramik Andalon'' ('Workers Movement of East Bengal'). The founding conference lasted, which was completed in a single day, was held in the residence of a jute mill worker in Dhaka. The conference was attended by 45-50 followers of the Centre. Amin, Md. Nurul. ''Maoism in Bangladesh: The Case of the East Bengal Sarbohara Party'' in Asian Survey, Vol. 26, No. 7. (Jul., 1986), pp. 759-773. * Whenever I had an opportunity to address the people in different parts of our province, I told them clearly that indeed, I was of the opinion that India should not be divided because today in India we have witnessed the result. Thousands and thousands of young and old, children, men, and women were massacred and ruined. But now that the division is an accomplished fact, the dispute is over. " I delivered many speeches against the division of India, but the question is: has anybody listened to me? You may hold any opinion about me, but I am not a man of destruction but of construction. If you study my life, you will find that I devoted it to the welfare of our country. We have proclaimed that if the Government of Pakistan would work for our people and our country the Khudai Khidmatgars would be with them. I repeat that I am not for the destruction of Pakistan. In destruction lies no good. "Neither Hindus nor Muslims, nor the Frontier (w:North-West Frontier Province), not Punjab (w:Punjab (Pakistan)), Bengal (w:East Pakistan) or Sindh (w:Sindh) stands to gain from it. There is advantage only in construction. I want to tell you categorically I will not support anybody in destruction. If any constructive programme is before you, if you want to do something constructive for our people, not in theory, but in practice, I declare before this House that I and my people are at your service... (February 1948) **Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan: A True Servant of Humanity by Girdhari Lal Puri pp -188 ? 190

the Indian threat. The armed forces of East Pakistan also consisted the paramilitary organisation, the ''Volunteers (Razakars (Pakistan))'' from the intelligence unit of the ''ISI's (ISI (Pakistan))'' Covert Action Division (ISI (Pakistan)) (CAD). All of these armed forces were commanded by the unified command structure, the Eastern Military High Command (Evolution of Pakistan Eastern Command plan), led by an officer of three-star rank equivalent. Governors class "wikitable&quot

Jacksonville, Florida

;Congress" on the side at President Andrew Johnson and Lorenzo Thomas to show how he was using Congress to defeat the president and his unsuccessful replacement. He also holds a ramrod marked &quot;Tenure of Office Bill" and cannon balls on the floor are marked "Justice". Ulysses S. Grant and an unidentified man stand to Stanton's left. A distinctive engraved portrait of Stanton appeared on U.S. paper money in 1890 and 1891. The bills are called "treasury notes

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