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, Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo). By August

forces helped the ANC to finally defeat Schramme on October 29, 1967. The surviving rebel troops fled towards Rwanda. Two days later, Schramme tried to take control of Stanleyville (Kisangani), Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo).

Baker City, Oregon

The family moved to Logan, Utah, before moving to San Pedro, California (San Pedro, Los Angeles, California), in 1917. During the next two years they moved several times before

publisher allmovie accessdate 2008-08-13 This passion for music carried over into his career as he helped write songs for his cartoons, including the theme for ''The Flintstones''. ref name "CNSobit">

Helena-West Helena, Arkansas

Baseball player *Mary Lambert, music video director *Blanche Lincoln, U.S. senator from Arkansas *Robert Lockwood, Jr., blues musician and stepson of Robert Johnson (Robert Johnson (musician)) * Robert Lee


From Defender to Dictator pages 109–133 year 1998 publisher Bloomsbury Publishing location New York isbn 1-58234-049-8 Then, along with the other PLO leaders, he relocated to Beirut. In mid-June 1971, after three tense months during which the sides made efforts to fortify their positions by political means, Jordan embarked on the final campaign against the Palestinians. The Jordanian army, which for almost 10 months had been pushing

Naco, Sonora

remaining dry due to Prohibition (Prohibition in the United States), Naco made money off of saloons and gambling, giving it a seedy reputation. In early 1929, José Gonzalo Escobar led a rebellion against the government of Emilio Portes Gil. Mexican federal

Shoreview, Minnesota

; A second-ring suburb north of Saint Paul, Shoreview has nine city parks and three county parks. It has seven lakes, of which the largest are Turtle Lake, Snail Lake, Lake Owasso, and Island Lake, and Rice Creek (Rice Creek (Minnesota)) flows through the northwest portion of the city. ''King's

Baddeck, Nova Scotia

name "Bethune" were begun that the Bells would name Beinn Bhreagh (Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia) (Gaelic: ''beautiful mountain'') after Bell's ancestral Scottish highlands (Scottish Highlands).


The SS: A New History publisher Little, Brown location London isbn 978-1408703045 ref harv * Category:Nazi SS Category:Police units of Germany Category:Police of Nazi Germany Category:German


name "GamesTm-Retro" The total budget for the game was about $600,000, according to Schafer. ref>

, 2007 page 10 it was released in Europe on April 15 that year. It would later be ported to the Sega Mega Drive Genesis (Mega Drive) under the name ''Championship Pro-Am'' and was released by Tradewest in 1992. ref>

magazine Retro Gamer issue 4 date May 2004 page 19 issn 1742-3155 oclc 489477015 publisher Imagine Publishing location Bournemouth The 2009 book ''Vintage Games'' compared the game to ''Spy Hunter'', noting that game emphasized collecting power-ups and weapons and not just on racing. It added how the trend of combining racing with vehicular combat would reappear in future games such as ''Super Mario Kart'' and ''Rock n' Roll Racing''. ref


. Divisions publisher Osprey Publishing location pages 14 isbn 1-84176-590-2 In 973, the Cometopuli sent envoys to the Holy Roman Emperor (Holy Roman Empire) Otto I (Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor) in Quedlinburg in an attempt to secure the protection of their lands. Delev, ''12. The decline of the First Bulgarian Empire'' ('' 12. Zalezat na Parvoto Balgarsko Tsarstvo'' ''12. Залезът на Първото българско царство''). The brothers

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