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Ambato, Ecuador

avanzan en el parque Montalvo" ''El Comercio'' 2 July 2009. thumb Ambato's main cathedral, located across the street from Montalvo Park (File:Ambato Basilica Downtown Ambato.JPG) Quinta Juan León Mera Home to one of Ambato's most famous residents, the Quinta Juan León Mera was the villa-style house of writer Juan León Mera. Located on the north bank of the Ambato River in the neighborhood of Atocha, the house was built in 1874. It is now open to the public. Famous

Santo Domingo

Inn Hotel. * '''Rua''' Open air bar in front of Aka * '''Shots''' Mostly rock music, very young crowd. Ave. Roberto Pastoriza. If you you are more into the bohemian scene check out the Colonial Zone for great bars and cafes, as well as a vibrant gay nightlife scene. Here are some hints: *'''Bio.''' Modern eclectic music from regueaton to Latin rock, very young public. Famous for serving drinks from buckets. Calle Sanchez and Padre Billini *'''Bocanegra''' Currently the trendiest place

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