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created a broad national network that sustained such progressive efforts. Word of Fee's seeking help from Beecher made the news in Kentucky, in a distorted fashion, and stirred up pro-slavery sentiment against him. ''Autobiography of John G. Fee: Berea, Kentucky'', Chicago, Ill.: National Christian Association, 1891, pp.134-135, digital form in ''Documenting the South'', The University of North Carolina The congregation first gathered in 1636 as a branch of the church in Boston, becoming an independent church in 1639, known simply as "Ye Church of Braintry," because the whole area was then known as Braintree (Braintree, Massachusetts). It was a Puritan congregationalist church when first established, but since the mid-18th century has been Unitarian (Unitarianism), in spirit if not in name. The '''Josiah Quincy House''' ( commons:Boston

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