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on promotional and performing tours. Along with CBC's daily daytime music video program ''Video Hits (Video Hits (Canadian TV series))'', the programs represented the only options for Canadian viewers of the mid-1980s to see music video programming outside of cable TV. key_people location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada industry Distribution: Network, Home Video, Voice recording, ADR production, Pre-production, Post-production


Gallagher hosting ''Test Pattern (Test Pattern (TV series))'' '''Dan Gallagher''' (May 14, 1957 - January 20, 2001) was a Canadian broadcaster who hosted the CBC Television music video program ''Video Hits (Video Hits (Canada))'' from 1991 to 1993. In the 1980s he appeared on the Canadian (Canada) music channel MuchMusic as a VJ (VJ (media personality)) and host of the ''Pepsi Power Hour''. In 1990 he hosted the game show '' Test Pattern (TV series) Test Pattern

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