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Shuyang County

school even in Jiangsu Province. Tertiary Education There are three community colleges in Shuyang which provide vocational education and training. The Suqian College of Business prepares students for specific trades and crafts at various levels from a professional position in engineering, accounting, nursing, e-commerce and other subjects. Culture Dialect There are over 1.7 million people in Shuyang speak a subdialect of Lower Yangtze Mandarin, called Haisi Dialect.<


was as a surveillance team member for CTC—a low-level para-professional position that also included dozens of ex-cops, Army officers, house wives and veterans of assorted other common occupations.. The most significant of these surveillance operations was in Sudan and included spotting Carlos the Jackal and Osama bin Laden. At the age of 71, Waugh asked to be assigned to one of the later SAD SOG Jawbreaker teams to enter Afghanistan, but he was accepted only with great reluctance


;'' (It (Italian language):''Alpi del Gran Paradiso''; Fr (French language):''Alpes du Grand-Paradis'') and also gives the name to the ''gruppo del Gran Paradiso''.

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