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Apostolische Zendingkerk (HAZK)). This later became the New Apostolic Church. The person called to be an apostle later recanted and was accepted back into his original rank. By 1975, Hütter and Schneider's previous publishing deals with Capriccio Music and Star Musik Studio of Hamburg had expired. The compositions on ''Radio-Activity'' were published by their own newly set up ''Kling Klang Verlag'' music publishing company, giving them greater financial control over the use of songwriting output. Also, the album was the first to bear the fruit of Kling Klang as an established vanity label under the group's new licensing deal with EMI. The album reached #59 in Canada, in February 1976. WBC Heavyweight Champion Around this time, the Klitschko brothers moved from Hamburg, Germany to Los Angeles, California. death_date Commons:Category:Hamburg Wikipedia:Hamburg Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Hamburg

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