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Trading Places: Old Dock History work Liverpool Museums accessdate 24 March 2008 It was built on the River Mersey in Liverpool, England, starting in 1709 and completed in 1715, by enlarging a previous natural tidal creek which was the "Pool" that Liverpool was named after. Thomas Steers was the engineer responsible; additional advice was obtained from George Sorocold. Indeed, it was the importation of cotton, which began towards the end

United States

Geological Survey The lake was formed of waters released by the retreating Wisconsin Glacier, which had pushed large quantities of earth and rock ahead of its advance, blocking the previous natural drainage of the ancestral Passaic River through a gap in the central Watchung Mountains. The lake persisted for several thousand years as melting ice and eroding moraine dams slowly drained the former lake basin. The effect of the lake’s creation permanently altered the course

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