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by the English (England) rock group Led Zeppelin, featured as the opening track on their 1976 album ''Presence (Presence (album))''. It was written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at Page's house in Malibu (Malibu, California), California where they stayed for a month while Plant recovered from a serious car accident he had sustained in Greece in 1975. The song was then recorded at Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany. Club career As a youngster Signori played in the youth system of Internazionale (F.C. Internazionale Milano), but was eventually released after being told by the club that he was too small to succeed as a professional. He went on to make his pro debut for Leffe (U.C. AlbinoLeffe) (1984–86), followed by Piacenza (Piacenza Calcio) (1986–87 and 1988–89), Trento (Trentino Calcio 1921) (1987–88), Foggia (Foggia Calcio) (1989–92), Lazio (S.S. Lazio) (1992–97), Sampdoria (U.C. Sampdoria) (January–June 1998) and Bologna (Bologna F.C. 1909) (1998–2004). He then spent two short periods abroad: first in Greece in 2004 with Iraklis Thessaloniki (Iraklis Thessaloniki F.C.); and then in October 2005 he signed a one-year contract with Hungarian (Hungary) team MFC Sopron. The film received generally poor reviews, but received wide viewership for Dororthy Dandridge's role. Filming took place in southern California aboard the ''Chios'', Greece-registered ''SS IGOR'' (originally the ''SS PHILIP C. SHERA (List of Liberty ships)''), a World War II Liberty Ship (Liberty ship) owned by the Los and Pezas shipowning families. thumb right 300px The approximate route of Petachiah's journeys. (Image:Petachiah.png) Petachiah traveled east from Bohemia, through Poland, Ruthenia, southern Ukraine (which he called Kedar), and the Crimea. He describes the remnants of the Khazars and the early Crimean Karaite community. He then went south through the Kipchak (Kipchak people) khanates and the Caucasus into Armenia, sojourning for a while in Nisibis. From there he travelled to Mesopotamia, visiting Nineveh, Sura, Pumbedita, and Baghdad before moving on to Persia (Persian Empire). Turning westward, he journeyed up the Euphrates and into Syria, visiting Aleppo and Damascus. He travelled on to the Kingdom of Jerusalem, visiting holy sites in the Galilee and Judea, from whence he may have taken to the sea, because the next place he describes is Greece. From there, presumably, he returned home via the Balkans. '''Alimos''' ( Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece

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