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of the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. The depression headed west-northwestwards and strengthened into Tropical Storm Olivia on September 22. It steadily intensified and was a hurricane on September 24. It then rapidly strengthened into a powerful major hurricane. It slowly curled to the northwest as it was observed (tropical cyclone observation) by NOAA research aircraft. Dave Roberts, a forecaster for the National Hurricane Center (w:National Hurricane Center) (NHC) said "There's a good chance this system could be a Category 5 in the next 24 hours". The storm is expected to move northwestward, threatening the Baja California (w:Baja California) peninsula over coming days. "There's no watches or warnings in effect, but we would like residents and tourists in the area to monitor the progress of the storm", said Robbie Berg, another hurricane specialist. There are conflicting reports as to whether Hurricane Ida (w:Hurricane Ida (2009)) is responsible for the flooding, with a spokesman for the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC) (w:National Hurricane Center) in Florida (w:Florida) attributing the rain to a separate, low pressure system.

United States

be performed. The exact number of movements allowed depends on the Major Power and reflects its overall size and organization. Larger and more powerful Major Powers like the U.S. (United States) have more moves available in each category than, for instance, Italy. The Pass impulse allows no moves or attack. If two or more Major Powers choose this option, the chance for ending the turn increases. The '''Historic Triangle''' is located on the Virginia Peninsula of the United States

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