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National Hurricane Center

order was issued for the island. A powerful, long-tracking Cape Verde-type hurricane that reached Category 4 (Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale) intensity moved through the open Atlantic during the 2nd week


the top of the ridgeline. This defilade position gave the Iraqis protection from the powerful long-range direct fire of the M1 Abrams tanks and the M2 Bradley (M2 M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle) infantry fighting vehicles. The American units found it necessary to engage an entrenched enemy at close range, which resulted in higher (albeit still low) damage to the American armored units. ‘Abbās was buried at that ground where he fell from his horse


was selected to start in the semi-final loss to Brazil (Brazil national football team). He was once more selected to play in the 3rd placing playoff against Croatia (Croatia national football team), where he scored a goal after a solo run and a powerful long-range shot. World Cup Soccer Recap (Netherlands-Croatia), ''CNN SI'', July 11, 1998 After scoring

career. He scored 12 goals to help Mönchengladbach win its third Bundesliga title in a row in the 1975–76 season (1975–76 Fußball-Bundesliga). In the 1976–77 European Cup, Simonsen helped Mönchengladbach to the 1977 European Cup Final against English (England) team Liverpool (Liverpool F.C.). In the final, Simonsen scored a memorable powerful long range goal to level the game at 1–1, but Mönchengladbach eventually lost 3–1. ref name "hof"


director directed by Mario Monicelli and starring Goldie Hawn and Giancarlo Giannini. It was released in the United States in February 1981. '''Marco Donadel''' (born 21 April 1983 in Conegliano, Province of Treviso) is an Italian (Italy) football (Association football) Midfielder, currently playing for S.S.C. Napoli. He is known for his powerful long range shots. In 1955, Miranda graduated from the School of Fine Arts and was granted a scholarship

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