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Metro Detroit

of municipalities in Michigan (by population) top ten most populous municipalities in Michigan as of the 2010 census: Warren (Warren, Michigan) (#3), Sterling Heights (Sterling Heights, Michigan) (#4) and Clinton Township (Clinton Charter Township, Michigan) (#10). US Census Bureau Population Estimates,, ''retrieved 2010-Jun-22'' Most of this population is concentrated south of M-59 (Michigan highway


, the other leading to the international airport, have luxury apartments, fine neighborhoods and sleek commercial developments being built. Demographics thumb West Pagoda—Shenyang's Koreatown (File:Seotab.jpg) Shenyang has a population of 8.1 million and its urban population is 5.74 million. By urban population, it is the largest city in northeast China and among the List of cities in the People's Republic of China by population top ten largest cities in China


population_blank2 timezone UTC (UTC±0) utc_offset area_code 030 (Telephone numbers in Ghana) website http: '''Accra''' .

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