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, 1937 in Varna) is a Bulgarian writer and poet. He writes both fiction and science essays on the modern problems of ecology. He is married, and has two sons. His books include ''Cricket in Beak'', ''Marifeya or Talking with Dolphins'', ''The Common Heritage of the Planet or About Of Fish and People'' and ''The Startled Cheepens''. Dissonance in traditional music Sharp dissonant intervals and chords play prominent role in many traditional musical cultures. Vocal polyphonic traditions from Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Latvia, Georgia (Georgia (country)), Nuristan, some Vietnamese (Vietnamese people) and Chinese (Chinese people) minority singing traditions, Lithuanian sutartines, some polyphonic traditions from Flores and Melanesia are predominantly based on the use of sharp dissonant intervals and chords. The most prominent dissonance in most of these cultures is the interval of the neutral second (which is between the minor and major seconds). This interval is known to create the maximum sharpness and is known in German ethnomusicology under the term "schwebungsdiaphonie". Joseph Jordania recently suggested that extremely loud group singing shouting, based on dissonant intevals, augmented by stomping and drumming on external objects, threatening body movements and object throwing, was developed by the forces of natural selection during the early stages of hominid evolution in order to reach the state of the battle trance Joseph Jordania. Why do People Sing? Music in Human Evolution. Logos, 2011 . thumb right 300px The Forest Brothers often used cellars, tunnels or more complex underground bunkers such as the one depicted here (found in Lithuania). (Image:Bunker of lith partisans.jpg) The '''Forest Brothers''' (also Brothers of the Forest; Forest Brethren; Forest Brotherhood;


performing since, going on to play prominent festival slots such as Download Festival, and headlining the Guilfest and Offset Festival. My Vitriol released 'A Pyrrhic Victory' EP (Extended play), and a two sold-out UK tour followed in 2008 and 2009. In 2009, the band embarked upon headline tours across Europe, and performed two headline shows in Tokyo, Japan. See also Post-war service From 20–25 January 1946, ''Pakana'' was in Tokyo in conjunction with salvage

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