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Concrete, Washington

became the Concrete Assembly of God (Assemblies of God) church sometime in the 1990s. The church's congregation has since remodeled and restored the building. right thumb St. Catherine's Catholic Church (Image:St catherines in autumn2.jpg) St. Catherine's Catholic Church Built in 1912 by the Catholics of the community, this picturesque building is located on a hillside overlooking the town. The parish maintains a newer C.C.D. center across the street built in 1964. Concrete

Quebec City

DesktopModules HoraireTrajet Controls PDF GH_REG_78_20120818.pdf Printed schedule that goes to and from the airport only a few times a day ($3). The taxi fare from Old Quebec to the airport is a flat fee of $34.25 to downtown. By train A passenger train station is found at the port of Quebec, 450 rue de la Gare du Palais. The Quebec VIA Rail station is a picturesque building, emulating the architectural style of the famed Chateau-Frontenac overlooking the station. The Quebec-Windsor (Windsor (Ontario)) corridor (Windsor-Quebec corridor) trains run regularly (3-5 day), with stopovers at Montreal (34-102CAD w tax, +3h15) and Toronto. Another train station is in Sainte-Foy, 3255 chemin de la Gare, near the Quebec and Pierre Laporte bridges. However, public transit does not run there as often as the Quebec station and this station requires walking for a couple of minutes. By bus The bus station, ''Terminus Gare du Palais'' located at 450 rue de la Gare du Palais, is located at the old port of Quebec, next to the train station in the same building. Intercar (from Montreal, 1 day, 57CAD w tax, +3h15) and Orleans Express (more than 10 day, 57CAD w tax, +3h-5h) offer services province-wide. Another bus station is in Sainte-Foy, 3001 chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, which is easily accessible by city transit. By car Quebec City is 2.5-3 hours by car from Montreal on either Highway 40 or Highway 20 (north and south side of the St. Lawrence, respectively). Both routes are rather monotonous drives through endless forests dotted with farms. For a slower but more picturesque tour of Quebec's heartland, drive along the ''Chemin du Roy'' (Highway 138), which follows the north bank of the river instead. By boat A seasonal cruise operates during the summer months between Montreal and Quebec City. The one-way trip takes approximately 7 hours and is slow-going, but the views make it worthwhile. Get around

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