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Port of Spain

century Lara moved in with his future fellow Trinidadian cricketer Michael Carew in Woodbrook, Port of Spain (a 20 minute drive from Santa Cruz). Michael's father Joey Carew worked with him on his cricketing and personal career development. Michael got Lara his first job at Angostura Ltd. (House of Angostura) in the marketing department. Lara played in Trinidad and Tobago junior soccer and table tennis sides but Lara believed that cricket was his path to success, saying

United States

''Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career & Financial Security''; a book that is basically the foundation for his other books about the model perspective and Higher Law, ''Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?''; a book that explains the history of the United States economic model and how it was based on free-market Austrian economics, ''Whatever Happened to Justice?''; a book about his juris naturalist philosophical viewpoints regarding the foundations of America's legal system

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