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period, development was mainly concentrated in economically powerful cities and in areas forming security concerns. Although rural areas have been the focus of great development, they still lag behind areas such as the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. ref>


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Napoleon Orda was born in the village of Varacevičy in the Pinsk district of Minsk guberniya (now Ivanava Raion, Brest voblast, Belarus) in his father's manor. His father Michał Orda was an impoverished noble (szlachta) and the marshal of the powiat of Kobryn. After finishing Svislach gymnasium in 1823, he started mathematical (mathematics) studies at the Vilnius University. However, his university career came to an end on August 27, 1826 when he was arrested by the Russian secret police (Okhrana) for taking part in a secret student society "Zarane", http: eng index.php?id 759674 http: culture1 visual_arts Mastactva.html http: villa-sokrates annus-albaruthenicus-2010 art-2 which was active in Svislach and Białystok gymnasiums. http: istoriya-belarusi 218-xronologiya-vazhnejshix-sobytij-i-dat-2-stranica.html Although he was released soon afterwards, he was expelled from


and periods. These range from the eclectic styles and hybrid forms of the colonial period to the tendency of more contemporary architecture to incorporate trends from around the world. In both aesthetic and technological terms, Singapore architecture may be divided into the more traditional pre-World War II colonial period, and the largely modern post-war and post-colonial period. Development !-- Deleted image removed: Image:Hulhumalemap.PNG thumb 300px Existing and Proposed landscape

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