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, religions and proper names were a significant result of the colonial era. These cultural changes were followed by the strengthening of the island's economy. Even today, the influence of the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British is clearly visible in Colombo's architecture, names, clothing, food, language and attitudes. Buildings from all three eras stand as reminders of the turbulent past of Colombo. The city and its people show an interesting mix of European


Lounge in Alexandria. Pre-reservation is a must and can only be done by their customers on their selected guest list. On a regular around 400 people show up. Alegria can be booked for private parties, birthdays, cocktails, receptions and small occasions. Many of Alexandria's wealthy and famous show up to this lounge. *


scene below. The title came from his morning radio show of the same name (On Air With Ryan Seacrest (Radio show)), which also debuted in 2004 and later went nationwide as a daily syndicated radio series in 2008. After working in theatre (he was a musician and performer in the experimental group People Show) he made his feature film debut with the low budget ''Stormy Monday'' in 1988. The film earned him attention as a director who could get


. Political analyst and United Russia member, Sergei Markov (Sergey Alexandrovich Markov), said that the outcome of this poll was predetermined because of how much support the Russian people show for Vladimir Putin's policies. "The Russian people have seen how successful these policies have been, and they want them to continue", he says. Markov cited fears that the West would interfere and change the course of the election, like they did in Ukraine and Georgia (country

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